LIZZANO, Italy (AP) Struggling through rain and wind, five U.S. veterans of World War II scaled an Apennine ridge Saturday to reenact their conquest of the mountain 50 years ago in a campaign against the Germans.

Even two former German soldiers came to the commemoration, including one who had been captured in 1945, said the Americans' spokesman, Dick Wilson.

''We were wrapping our arms around each other. We had a fabulous time,'' said Wilson, in an interview from Lizzano, in north-central Italy.

The veterans served in the war as part of the 10th Mountain Division, created in 1941 to train soldiers for mountain and cold-weather warfare.

Saturday marked 50 years to the day that the Riva Ridge was taken by the Americans.

After being driven back by German fire, a unit of the 10th Mountain Division scaled the backside of the ridge with ropes and mountain gear during darkness.

They surprised German troops occupying northern Italy in the last months of the war and spearheaded a campaign to punch through enemy lines.

MIAMI (AP) The Coast Guard suspended its search Saturday night for a 14-year-old Canadian boy believed to have jumped from a cruise ship after arguing with his parents.

The boy, Grant Medeiros, disappeared Friday night, leaving only his tennis shoes and glasses on deck, Coast Guard Petty Officer Steve Aitkins said. The boy had previously threatened to jump.

''Nobody saw him jump overboard, nobody saw him in the water. We are going on a report that he is missing from the boat,'' Aitkins said.

After a search of the ship, the boy's parents, Gail and Octavio Medeiros, returned to their cabin and found a note and their son's necklace with a crucifix.

The note said ''something having to do with the fight, the argument they apparently had before he was missing. I think it alluded to (suicide),'' Aitkins said.

The search was suspended late Saturday, said Coast Guard Lt. Ron Cone.

The cruise Ship Regal Princess was returning from a weeklong Caribbean cruise. It arrived in Fort Lauderdale early Saturday, after a three-hour delay as the Coast Guard searched in dark waters.

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