O.G., not O.J., killed Nicole Simpson


I found "Henry's notes on the O.J. trial card" (Feb. 17) very interesting, but I still don't understand why my friend Henry and many other people in this country, couldn't accept one simple fact: O.G. killed Nicole.

O.G. did it because he is powerful, he is able to control everything, including Judge Ito, Ms Clark, Robert Shapiro, Cochran, Bailey and all other lawyers in that courtroom. You have to be completely naive to think that O.G. will be found guilty. He won't be because He will be able to control at least, one of the 12 people on the jury.

We must be realistic and pragmatic and find a better way to spend our time other than watching the O.G. trial. O.G. is above you and me. He has all the knives, all the gloves, all the beautiful houses, all the nice Ford Bronco, all the beautiful girls and all the money you can imagine. He has everything. Therefore, he will do whatever he wants. Neither Judge Ito, the prosecution and the LAPD not the Supreme Court of the USA can do something about this O.G. case.

I am sorry to disappoint you by telling that I really don't care about O.J. This letter is not about O.J. but it is about O.G. (Our God), the Maker and Ruler of the World.

Seydou Coulibaly

Range Management Graduate Student

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