Lobbying association failing the students


I am disturbed that the Arizona Students' Association (ASA) delegates consider their accomplishments, or lack of them, as a record of success. The ASA lobbyists once again failed to get funding for their legislative agenda. The Republican-dominated House Education Committee unanimously pass the ASA bill, but without any funding. Not a single individual will benefit from this bill's passage.

Nonetheless, (ASA Delegate) Ben Driggs calls that a success. Instead of exposing the House Committee for their hypocrisy that they are giving state money away to any business or special interest, but will not fund education in Arizona he accepts token gestures as real accomplishments.

Ben's actions causes one to wonder whether he truly is dedicated to representing the student body and promoting their needs and agenda. Perhaps, even though little was accomplished, Ben got to act real important up in Phoenix for a year and in his mind that's a success.

The time has come for ASA to stand up and fight for our rights and needs as taxpayers and tuition payers, even if it sometimes means confronting the legislators and the regents.

Uri Fleming

History Senior

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