Homosexuality debate has grown old


I'm writing in response to four years of letters to the editor concerning homosexual issues on this campus. I'm not writing regarding a specific article or previous letter to the editor, I'm simply responding to four years of reading responses from both sides of the issue that at times infuriates me, makes me laugh or makes me just roll my eyes at everyone's ignorance.

Each semester, we have a period of two months of bickering back and forth about the morality, genetics and politics of gay issues. Every time, we can see the same arguments, ignorant preachings and childish bickering. Why can't we just shut up and deal with it? If all you can see in me is my sexuality, you're missing out on a whole lot, because that is such an infinitely small part of my life.

I do feel however that I need to address one aspect of recent arguments those regarding homosexuality as a choice. Why is it such a hard concept for everyone to understand? I did NOT CHOOSE to be gay. I chose to be gay in a predominantly heterosexual society as much as I chose to be left-handed in a predominantly right-handed society. I agree there may be many influences or reasons (genetic, or otherwise) for both examples the fact is, we don't know how or why they occur. So until that time that we do, I think we all need to grow up and treat people as human beings, judging them on their accomplishments and contributions, not to whom they are attracted.

Being gay is as much a deal to me as is my being left-handed . which is no deal at all. (Until I have to use those damned 'righty' scissors .) So why should you care what I do in my bedroom? I certainly don't care what you do in yours.

Christopher Mayor

Music Performance/Pre-Med Senior

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