'Wildcat ignores special events


I have to come realize that student input doesn't mean much to many people. Between Dan Dolata being a finalist for a faculty award and being denied tenure and ASUA funding debates with T.J. Trujillo being roasted over the proverbial coals, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what really is important to this university and in another aspect, this newspaper. I can accept that. What I cannot abide, however, is the amount of features that have been brought to your attention and disregarded.

I doubt you realize how much organizations and volunteers do for the surrounding areas, because, if you did, I am sure you would realize the quantity and quality of student programming (done by those other than ASUA) occurring around you.

As a member of the University Activities Board and Department of Student Programming, I am surrounded by incredibly motivated and responsible students dedicated to programming and the enrichment of other's lives. These individuals, in most case, work on strictly volunteer basis. None of them (and I) do what we do for recognition, but then again, we have learned not to expect it.

Now I realize that you have little time and space for public relations work and/or publicity. I understand that. I am not asking you to use the Wildcat as a vehicle for everyone who has an event going on, or even gives us free publicity. BUT what we do is newsworthy. For example:

1. The Arts Committee runs the student union gallery and puts on more shows as volunteers than paid employees did a few years ago.

2. Rising Star Entertainment and Eat to the Beat Concerts bring music and comedy to campus at an affordable price (with little or no funding/budget to work with).

3. Multicultural Events continuously brings events to generate awareness of diversity on campus and with students using innovative and cost-effective programming.

4. Education by Example works to change and educate students about the recycling within the Student Union and insure that people at the university do what they can to reduce, reuse and recycle.

5. Other programs within DSP also contribute a great deal to the campus community. Greek Life, Pacesetters and Project Volunteer all work together to enrich people's lives.

The bottom line is that all student organizations publicize through the Wildcat and our money (recognize that Saturn calender on the back of the newspaper every month thank you DSP and UAB Marketing) helps keep you in press. Will one feature kill you?

Meredith Lee

UAB Special Events

Department of Student Programs

EEB/MCB Senior

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