'Wildcat' needs to prioritize


I was very sad to hear about the death of my neighbor, Eric Fleischer, who died Saturday morning on the steps of Manzinita-Mohave Residence Hall. I was further grieved by the fact that the article ("Freshman dies Saturday as result of heart condition" Feb. 21) written about him was put on Page 4 and not the front cover. Students at this university are the most important part of our campus and when someone dies, I believe that news of their death should be placed on a higher priority than stories about the ASUA candidates or what UA parking is doing about unpaid tickets. These stories are important, but in my opinion, they can wait. It's not every day someone on this campus departs from us and stories like the ones you printed can wait. Please keep that in mind when you decide which "news" is important, because it makes a statement of how much your paper values human life.

Kirk Sibley

Marketing Junior

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