Arizona 'sick' of federal government


It appears as if Sarah Garrecht has, as always, missed the boat on the issues she attempts to discuss. While her last effort ("Welfare reform must not get lost in federalism debate" Feb. 22) is not as revolting as others, she still seems like she's on the fringe of reality when she writes.

But I should give credit to Sarah for stumbling upon the truth for a second if things are legalized, crime goes down. Like marijuana use, speeding, or murder: if it's not a crime, people aren't breaking the law. I know, its common sense for most people.

It's interesting that Sarah's spew often occurs without properly researching the facts. The fact is Arizona is sick of getting yanked around by a federal government that is out of touch with ours (and most other states') circumstances. Gov. Symington argues that if the government is going to force Arizona to meet mandated regulations, then they must provide the necessary funding. A good example of this was last December with the pollution in Phoenix. Smog in Phoenix is usually trapped because of the geography (valley), not a typical region for urban development. To meet federal regulations, many workers had to be sent home early because of smog, costing the state million of dollars. The federal government imposes such idiocy without the money to back it up. Some argue "It's Arizona's problem," but when examined, it's actually "Arizona's problem because the government caused it to be."

On the issue of welfare last I checked, the United States was not a socialist nation (although Democrats are working toward that end). The Constitution does not give the federal government the right to make a welfare state, and thus it should have always been a state by state issue (Tenth Amendment). Yes, we have an obligation to help those less fortunate since we (society) still think people are worth something. If Arizona has its way, people will have to stop using the security net as a hammock and become productive parts of our society.

Miss Garrecht, it's time to start thinking about the issues. Arizona should be commended for leading the fight to get the government out of our lives. When the regulations and obstacles are removed, only then can America achieve its full potential, and become the great nation it used to be.

Scott Brower

Int'l Business/French Jr.

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