Union houses Chinese New Year celebration

By Raya Tahan

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Although the new year is generally associated with party hats, horns and champagne, acupuncture will be one focus of a New Year's celebration.

Sunday, the Student Union will honor the Chinese New Year and spring's arrival. The Chinese New Year was actually Jan. 31.

The spring festival, which lasts one week, has been celebrated in China for over 1,000 years. The first evening is marked by a traditional dinner, and parades are held during the day.

"Americans don't have many opportunities to know us," said Zhiying Song, University of Arizona psychology professor. "One purpose of the festival is to encourage Americans to understand the people and culture better."

The festival, which marks the Year of the Boar, will have an afternoon and an evening segment. From 2 - 5:30 p.m., Chinese culture will be presented in the Tucson and Rincon Rooms. Traditional art, food and medicine will be on display. Information about acupuncture and martial arts will be available.

The evening portion, which runs from 7-10 p.m. in the Senior Ballroom, will consist of entertainment. Traditional Chinese songs, dance and drama will be performed.

The Association of Chinese Student and Scholar, the Chinese Student Association, the Hong Kong Student Association, the UA Qi Gong Association and the Asian Pacific American Student Center are working together to bring the celebration to Tucson.

This year is the first that these organizations, with a total membership of 2,000, are working together. During previous years, each held their own small festival. The event is sponsored by ASUA and Tucson businesses.

"We expect to bring many colorful activities to Tucson," Song said.

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