White pride is not supremacy


I must commend Amy Drown for her Feb. 3 letter ("Bagpipe girl toots her horn") regarding her pride in her Scottish heritage and her perceived hypocrisy of the University of Arizona. On the first point, I must say it takes much guts these days to stand up and say you are proud to be white. In an age where to be white means to carry the shame of one's ancestors, to say you are proud of your white heritage, well, you might as well admit you are a member of the Ku Klux Klan! As a wise Irishman in my dorm once said, "White pride should not be considered the same as white supremacy. They are two completely different things. I, too, am proud of my Scottish heritage, very proud. As I write this, the flag of St. Andrew and the Union Jack are behind me on my wall. However, I do not consider myself superior to anybody, with perhaps the exception of those at this university who stand for cultural diversity only to then turn around and insult the wonderful culture of Great Britain.

This brings me to my second point: the hypocrisy of those at this university who support cultural diversity and even the one-sided education system of this country. I can recall many examples of England-bashing by teachers in grade and high school. England is portrayed as a terrible nation hell-bent on oppressing the "innocent" people of the United States. Open your eyes, people! Everybody, regardless of color or ethnic background, is guilty of something! Still, I digress. I have found that many university students were so brainwashed by the high school history teachers with their "monarchy is the worst form of government in the world" that most of them don't even know that the monarchy isn't the government of England, but Parliament. As a result of this historic knowledge and the feverish reading of the tabloids, this university feels compelled to insult Prince Albert and the whole United Kingdom. This makes me ashamed, not my heritage. Give the students here a chance to actually learn a few things about the United Kingdom. Swallow your political correctness and let the Anglo-European cultures be heard. Bagpiper, play your pipes!

Michael Schofield

Clan McGregor─Psychology Freshman

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