Faculty lecture to address hot topics

By Michael Board

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Anti-semitism, urban transportation and health-care reform are just a few of the subjects that will be presented during this year's Faculty Community Lecture Series.

Today, the University of Arizona kicks off the 11th season of the six-lecture series, which spotlights some of the university's most distinguished faculty members and their research.

The topic of this year's series is "Current Issues in American Society," and will include lectures on health care reform, anti-semitism, urban transportation, equal opportunity, bilingual education, treatment of memory disorders and research to treat emotional disorders in children. These topics will be addressed by speakers from several UA departments ranging from hydrology to history.

James Dalen, Health Sciences Center vice provost, will be the first speaker in the series. Dalen has done extensive research on health care reform and will be presenting his thoughts on the problems of health care in America.

"I hope the listeners will get a good idea about what needs to be done if health care is to work in today's modern society," Dalen said.

Nathan Buras, hydrology and water resources professor, will present the next speech on March 7, about the sustainability of the nation's resources.

"I'll be focusing a lot more about consistency and making a way for future generations to have what we have today," Buras said.

The series is sponsored by UA President Manuel T. Pacheco and Provost Paul Sypherd and will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the DuVal Auditorium at the University of Health Sciences Center. The lectures are free to the public and free parking is available. For more information, pick up a brochure in the Administration building.

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