Students robbed on campus

By Kimberly Miller

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Two students reported being robbed in separate incidents on campus Saturday and Monday.

In the first incident, a 19-year-old student told police two men robbed him and threatened him with bodily harm while he was walking in an area near the Chemistry building early Saturday morning.

He said he was walking by Old Main at 3:30 a.m. when he noticed a man following him. When he reached the south side of the Chemistry building another man jumped out of the bushes and threw him to the ground.

The man demanded money from the student and threatened him. The man who the student believed was following him also ran up and joined the robber.

The student gave the men his wallet which contained money and an identification. He described the man who jumped him as about 5 feet 10 inches, a heavy build, black hair, brown eyes and a goatee.

The second robbery occurred about 9:30 p.m. Monday when a 21-year-old student was walking to her car parked at the lot on East First Street and North Vine Avenue.

The victim told police she was walking from the Modern Languages building when she was confronted by a male described as about 6 feet 1 inch, wearing a blue sweatshirt with a hood and the word "Duke" printed on the front in white.

The man grabbed her wrists when she was only a few feet from her car and demanded her wallet. The victim gave him her purse and he ran east on East First Street. She then got into her car and called police on her mobile phone.

UA police Sgt. Brian Seastone said the police will be increasing patrols on campus to help curb more robberies.

"What you will see is a higher visibility of police in several areas around campus on bike as well as on foot," Seastone said.

He also recommended that students use common sense when walking on campus.

"We just want to encourage the use of the ASUA escort service as well as walking in pairs and in lighted areas," he said. "Also if you see anything strange go to one of the emergency phones immediately or call 911."

The number for the ASUA escort service is 621-SAFE (621-7233).

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