'Higher Learning' review doesn't give it due credit


I was reading the newspaper Wednesday and after reading the review of John Singleton's movie "Higher Learning," I have to say that I think the author left out a few things. When I watched the movie, I was truly bombarded by some of the things which I saw.

After all, this does deal with many different subjects. Racism seemed to be the major one. However, did you notice how similar the skinhead group was to the black power group? No matter which side you looked at it they both seemed like extremists. Did you notice how the leaders of both of these groups, Fudge (Ice Cube) and Scott, both seemed to be characters with a great amount of depth? Fudge seemed to know more than he showed, and so did Scott. Now I won't glorify the movie, it wasn't the best thing I've ever seen, but I do have to say that I think this film is good for motivation.

As a freshman living in the dorm, I have had some problems adjusting. I think this film really helped me out, mostly in part to Lawrence Fishburne's role as Professor Phipps. He said things like, "At this level, you're here to learn how to think." It's that part of the movie, and not the violence, that will put it on my bookshelf once it goes to video.

Kevin Whipps

Studio Art Freshman

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