Summer youth program offers quality learning

By Amy Fredette

Arizona Daily Wildcat

This summer, children ages 5-14 will have the opportunity to choose from classes taught by members of the Tucson community, as part of a program offered by the UA Extended University.

Summer Education and Enrichment for Kids is a series of four-session programs, each lasting two weeks, featuring participants from 13 departments including art, English, dance and science classes.

Professors, faculty, staff and students, along with other members of the community, teach the classes.

This marks the program's sixth year of operation at the UA.

"It's education, enrichment and recreation all rolled into one," said Eleanor Smith, program coordinator.

"Instructors have to have an interest in children," Smith said. "They also have to want to share what they know."

Last year there were more than 80 instructors and 1,100 children enrolled in the program, Smith said.

"Working with kids is very fun and exciting," said Aimee Bella, a systems and industrial engineering graduate student. Bella will be teaching French, computers and African tradition and culture this summer.

"I find it very rewarding to see what the children learn in a two-week session," Bella said.

The program encourages anyone who has a special skill and the ability to work well with children to offer that talent to the program, Smith said.

Instructors receive $10 to $15 per hour for teaching, depending on their class enrollment, she said.

The program is a "flexible, affordable and high-quality program," Smith said.

The cost of classes varies depending on the number of course hours taken. Classes are taught at four different Tucson locations, including at the UA.

"People are learning all the time, whether it's good, bad or indifferent," Smith said. "Our goal is to make learning fun and enjoyable."

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