Police Beat

By Kimberly Miller

Arizona Daily Wildcat

An 18-year-old student was arrested early Thursday morning for an aggravated assault against a female student in Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth Street.

Gary Greenberg, a Coronado resident, pulled a knife on the student and held it to her neck until she told him to put the knife away. The victim told police she was in her suitemate's room with Greenberg and two other people when the incident occurred.

The victim told police that Greenberg pulled the knife when she asked him where he was going when he got up to leave the room. She said he then answered, in a "Jack Nicholson" accent, "You talking to me?", and held the knife to her throat. She said she was not scared because "that was normal behavior for Gary."

The victim reported the incident to her resident assistant, who called the police.

The police found Greenberg a couple of hours later at a nearby doughnut shop. Greenberg admitted to having a knife that fit the description that the victim gave but said he did not remember an incident involving the victim and the knife.

Police found the knife on Greenberg and arrested him. A resident assistant at Coronado told police Greenberg had a history of this kind of behavior and had been involved in other incidents in which he threatened people with a golf club and a hammer. Greenberg gave police permission to search his room and police confiscated another knife, a hammer and a golf club.

Greenberg was taken to Pima County Jail.


A student reported his Schwinn mountain bicycle was stolen last weekend from a secured area at Hopi Residence Hall, 1440 E. Fourth St.

The student said he locked the $350 bicycle to a rack with a U-lock and a cable lock on Saturday and when he returned Monday morning the bicycle and locks were missing.


A 24-year-old student said his Intel 486 DX2 Tower computer processing unit was stolen Saturday from the sidewalk in front of Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall, 922 E. Fourth St.

The victim said he left the $1,000 computer on the sidewalk for about an hour while he was moving into his fourth floor room in the hall.

When he returned the computer was missing but several other personal items were left untouched. Police have no suspects.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.

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