Verbal argument ends in shooting

By Kimberly Miller

Arizona Daily Wildcat

A 20-year-old UA student was shot by a visiting Phoenix resident early Sunday morning at a local apartment complex.

Gerhard Gomez, a Spanish sophomore, was shot in the left side of his neck by Michael Sedillo, 20, after an argument, said Jantzen Gomez, the victim's brother.

Gomez and three friends were at the Arizona Commons apartment complex, 931 N. Euclid Ave., visiting another friend when the shooting occurred. Gerhard Gomez said a small argument ensued between himself and the resident of the apartment when she asked them to leave.

Gomez was approached by Sedillo in the parking lot when he was leaving. Gomez said Sedillo continued to argue with him and, after a few moments, pulled out a gun and shot him.

"That was the last thing I expected," Gomez said. "I'm definitely not the type of person to get shot."

Gomez said he wasn't knocked down by the bullet and wasn't even sure what had happened. The bullet passed through his neck but missed

hitting any major organs.

"I just stood there and I touched my neck and saw a handful of blood," Gomez said.

He said Sedillo and his friends ran away while Gomez's friends called the police. Gomez started to walk to a friend's apartment in shock.

The shooting occurred at 2:30 a.m. and Sedillo was apprehended by police at 7 a.m.

Gomez said being shot has changed the way he thinks.

"This will probably change my aspect on things a lot," Gomez said. "I probably won't go out as much."

He is in good condition at University Medical Center and could be released as soon as today. Gomez and his parents plan to press charges against Sedillo.

Police are seeking two charges of aggravated assault against Sedillo.

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