Icecat fan enraged by article


Being the avid Icecat fan that I am, I quickly, as always, turned my attention directly to the sports section to see what the Arizona Daily Wildcat had to say about my favorite team. Usually I find a brief synopsis of the game accompanied by a few comments from Coach Leo. Perhaps the reporter should have left well enough alone.

After reading the Icecat article in Monday's Wildcat ("Icecats extinguish Kent's flash twice") I found myself enraged (as Icecat fans will get) by the expression of an uninformed opinion by the author of the article. I can't believe that anyone would have the audacity to blatantly misrepresent the fans at the TCC in such a manner. Granted we do get a little rowdy at times, but there is such a thing as freedom of speech last time I checked.

For the most part, a true Icecat fan will begin to overreact the minute the puck is dropped. This is all part of the ambiance of hockey in Tucson. This does not, however, mean that all fans who are not seated quietly throughout three periods as well as delays are completely classless.

To say that "others were using the delay (McNamee's injury) to throw things at the Kent bench to incite players to try to hit them ." is completely inaccurate. Firstly, there was absolutely nothing thrown at the Kent players. (I would know, I happen to be one of those "obnoxious idiots" who sit next to the bench.) Secondly, we cannot help it if a certain frustrated team can't control their tempers over the exchange of mere words. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, my "group" happens to be responsible for starting a cheer for McNamee upon his return Saturday night. I am quite sure that we were all happy to see that he was well.

In conclusion, I'm not sure where you are sitting Larry, but it seems to me that if you are going to make accurate reports on anything other than the score, you need to get a better seat.

Alicia Garcia

General Business Admin. Junior

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