Marshall Foundation selects new director

By Carolyn Smith

Arizona Daily Wildcat

A first year law student has been approved to serve as the UA student representative on the Board of Directors of The Marshall Foundation.

Elizabeth Sugges, who recently earned a bachelors degree from the University of Arizona with a double major in political science and history, will serve as one of four directors on the foundation's board.

Sugges was selected by Associated Students President T.J. Trujillo in December, and her nomination was approved by the Undergraduate Senate.

Previously the selection process was done by the ASUA president alone, but this year Trujillo decided to accept applications. Sugges' election marks the first time that the foundation actively sought applicants for the position.

"We needed a breath of fresher, younger air. We couldn't have picked a better choice," said John Malloy, Marshall Foundation president.

Sugges has been introducing herself to different merchants whose land is owned by the foundation, such as Geronimoz Restaurant and Bar, Mama's Pizza and Heroes and the ASUA Bookstore, as the liaison between the merchants and the foundation.

"Aside from going over requests for funding different organizations, I deal with issues the merchants have in terms of getting parking and obtaining All-Aboard passes that entitles them to the same privileges students have," Sugges said.

During her undergraduate years at the UA, Sugges served as vice chairperson of the College of Arts and Sciences Student Advisory Council, chapter correspondent for Chi Omega sorority, director of the ASUA Appropriations Board, as a member of the General Education Committee and in several other volunteer positions.

The Marshall Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to raise funds from its real estate holdings to non-profit community service and educational organizations. The foundation was established in 1930 and has donated nearly $5 million to local organizations and scholarship funds at the UA and Pima Community College, according to the press release.

"They told me this was a very exciting time to be on the board . . . I'd have to agree with them," she said.

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