Fantasy and children's book artist discusses work

By Joshua Dalton

Arizona Daily Wildcat

For anyone who enjoys escaping reality or would rather live in an altogether different realm of existence, the UA Museum of Art is now presenting an exhibit of fantasy artists called "Dreamweavers." The exhibit features more than 40 works by 15 artists including the UA's own David Christiana. Recently Mr. Christiana spoke to the Wildcat about the exhibit, his work, and what it's like to be a fantasy and children's artist.

Wildcat: Where did the name "Dreamweavers" come from?

David Christiana: I have no idea. I didn't organize the show. Maybe from that old song. You know the one I mean?

WC: Yeah, that one that was in "Wayne's World." Well, okay, Tell me a little about the actual exhibit.

DC: It started in Virginia. It's a traveling exhibit. By invitation, a number of artists have submitted work. Most are from America, but I believe that two are from England and one from Russia. I'm glad to be included. I was surprised, but delighted when they called me. I don't consider myself a fanatic.

WC: Tell me about the work.

DC: Some is accomplished, in terms of workmanship; some is sentimental; some is both.

WC: What are some of your favorite pieces?

DC: The works by Brian Froud; Alan Lee does some exquisite work. Also, Gennady Spirin has a beautiful piece.

WC.: How many of the pieces are the originals of the artists?

DC: All of them are originals. And that's really the joy of it.

WC.: Tell me a little bit specifically about your field.

DC: It's competitive, but it is full of rewards . Of course, any of the creative professions always have been and always will be competitive, but that's okay because people will continue to do it because they love it.

WC: What do you consider the greatest rewards?

DC: The neat part is when I get a call from a parent saying that they enjoyed my book. When that happens, it's like that's the completion of a work. When the book is actually on the shelves, it's three quarters completed, but when I get that call, that's when it's really done.

David Christiana will be holding a reading and a signing of his book this Sunday, Jan. 29. For more information, call the UA Museum of Art at 621-7567.

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