Hard work and money should be valued


Whenever I read letters like the one from "The New Punk on the Block," I just have to laugh. Anyone who feels that they have to get a mohawk to gain his/her identity is a fool. They must not have much of a personality if they needed to do that to stand out from everyone else. Hey, what's wrong with working hard, getting a good job, raising a family, and becoming a person of respect.

Another thing I think is kind of funny is how he feels he needs to announce to the world, the personal convictions he finds so important to go on a hunger strike for. If something means a lot to you and you feel strong enough to something like that good for you. I can respect that. However, the second you get on your horn and broadcast to everyone what you've done, I begin to question all of your motives. Did you do this to honor Dr. King, God and world peace, or was it done for personal attention? Since the writer has already said he is the type to cut his hair for attention, I think we can all guess why he really did it.

One last thing I want everyone to hear. I'm not rich, but I am a hardworker and if someday my hard work pays off and I get a job that pays a good chunk of change I won't feel one bit guilty about it. I'll give the good Lord his share and then you can bet I'm going to spend the rest any damn way I please. There is no way I'm going to allow a bunch of bleeding hearts, especially not some fruitcake running around in a mohawk to tell me what to buy and what not to buy with my money.

Jason Kull

Atmospheric Sciences Major

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