Fair offers advice about majors

By Carolyn Smith

Arizona Daily Wildcat

For the first time, students undecided about what they want to pursue will be able to go "shopping" for a major.

Tomorrow's Major Fair will feature 50 advisers representing 122 different undergraduate programs on campus. The fair will be hosted by the Advising Center for Exploratory Students.

"Students will be able to see the variety of programs available, meet with advisers and pick up information on majors they might be interested in," said Molly Erwin, interim director for ACES.

Students who come into the ACES office usually start with a self-assessment test to determine their primary interests and then match up what interest type goes with what job, Erwin said.

"I think undecided students may feel intimidated about going into a department and asking for information about a major they might be interested in," said Roxie Catts, molecular and cellular biology program coordinator. "A fair offers a non-threatening environment."

The fair is primarily for undecided freshmen, but students who are changing their major as well as those searching for a minor will also benefit, Erwin said.

The Major Fair will take place tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Arizona Ballroom.

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