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For the past week, members of our group, Students for Better Government, have attended forums, read handouts and reviewed the records of this year's ASUA candidates. Though we are encouraged at the number of people running, most candidates have been disappointing. However, we were able to single out the following and chose to endorse them for the primary elections.

Ethan Orr is clearly the best candidate for president. His strong record of accomplishments, such as KAMP Student Radio funding and improving campus safety, makes him a very-qualified candidate. As senator he was one of the few that showed a willingness to serve students. The size and performance of his staff also prove his ability to lead and delegate. Further, Ethan is the only candidate who is sincere in his desire to reform ASUA and ensure that the student government represents all students. Ethan is the only candidate that signifies a much-needed change from the current president and his regime.

For the vice-president of Program and Services, Andrea Major is the best choice. Her excellent performance at the candidates' forum demonstrated her ability to lead and her record shows her commitment to serve students.

The position of vice-president for Clubs and Organizations is a very important one that has had many problems in the past. This year there are two credible candidates, but the better one is Andy Steinberg. He has some good ideas and shows a willingness to enact some much-needed reform in that office.

Of the 12 senate candidates, very few are credible and, unfortunately, some of the less-qualified will be in office. However, there are some good candidates. Both Gilbert Davis and Mindy McCollum have experience in ASUA. Gilbert has worked on Ethan Orr's staff and knows how to get things done in ASUA. Mindy was also on a senate staff and shows promise as a senator. Sergio Jasso has done some excellent work in ASA and is highly qualified to be a senator. Enrique Davis brings his experience as Pima Community College president. Gahl Leddel is qualified and his ideas sound fairly good, and should get a chance to serve.

But don't take our word for it. We encourage every student to research the candidates' position and background and make a choice. Most important, we strongly urge every student to vote. ASUA is supposed to represent you to the administration, faculty and state Legislature. You need to decide who those representatives should be by voting. By not voting you are helping those in control now, ending any chance for ASUA to reform and actually represent students. You can vote today and tomorrow at a number of locations on campus.

Shoshana Elkins


Students for Better


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