B-sides feature Morrissey's best moping

By Joshua Dalton

Arizona Daily Wildcat




Even in his days with the Smiths, Stephen Patrick Morrissey was already recognized as the Pope of Mope. Anyone who has listened to pretty near any of his songs can testify to that. His newest effort, World of MORRISSEY, is a beautiful gathering of that sorrow and cynicism for which he has become known.

The content of World is made up of various b-sides, singles, and live tracks recorded since Kill Uncle. Most of the material was previously unreleased in America, or only to be found on the import rack at the local record store, hence the advantage and purpose of this collection.

The most entertaining songs on the album are those from Boxers, and especially "Boxers" itself. It paints the post-loss picture of a weary boxer and the moods of his various loved ones.

Also making World worth buying are the live versions of such favorites as "You're the One For Me Fatty," "Jack the Ripper," and the studio version of "The Loop." The most stunning track, however, may be the heart-wrenchingly impressive cover of Henry Mancini's and Johnny Mercer's classic "Moon River." It abounds with compassion and sadness.

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