Playboy ad degrades women


Regarding the Playboy advertisement in the March 9 issue of the Arizona Daily Wildcat:

Required Reading. It was, and is extremely objectionable finding an advertisement for Playboy in the Arizona Daily Wildcat. This magazine portrays women as objects, not people, and in doing so degrades women to a sub-person status. Men can feel justified in treating women unfairly, not only in personal relationships, but in professional and academic relationships as well. The continuance of sexism and racism in our society jeopardizes two of the most outstanding aspects of America, in that all people, like yourself, are entitled to liberty and justice regardless of the color of their skin or their gender.

Although the Arizona Daily Wildcat is self supported through advertisements, I strongly believe it should uphold and demonstrate the highest standards in our community, for it reflects the future.

Ingrid Irbinskas

Research Specialist

Cell Biology and Anatomy

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