Orr clarifies his elections appeal


With all the rumors and divisiveness surrounding the past election, I wanted to explain the truth about the appeal. The reason I appealed was not to hold another election but to change the process to ensure that this kind of injustice wouldn't happen again. Ben and I ran because we wanted to serve students and I don't think anyone wanted a race this divisive. The election ended two weeks ago and while I may or may not continue in ASUA as an individual I know that my ideals about empowering students will be carried on under Ben's administration. Look, this was a student government election and we just took it too far and it turned ridiculous. The time has come to embrace a spirit of forgiveness and work together for the betterment of all, and so I lend my full support to Ben and I ask those who supported me to do the same.

Ethan Orr

MIS Junior/Former Presidential Candidate

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