Gold-plated typewriter expected to net thousands in auction

The Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO ─Those psychedelic colors weaving through the coral reefs aren't all tropical fish. Some are the handiwork of Jerry Garcia.

The Grateful Dead lead guitarist, whose artistry already decorates silk ties and shirts, has added wetsuits to his line.

J. Garcia WaterWear, made by Henderson Aquatics Inc. of Milville, N.J., features wetsuits with shoulder pieces and arm insets in wild patterns painted by Garcia and inspired by his love of scuba diving and the sea.

The suits started appearing in dive stores in Hawaii earlier this year and are working their way into shops worldwide. The suits sell for $230.

BERLIN ─Karl Lagerfeld has made Robert Altman do a little tailoring on his film spoof of the fashion industry.

The fashion designer sued last week to stop the German distribution of ''Ready to Wear'' because of a scene in which he's described as a thief.

The offending word has been removed from the German-dubbed film, which will open Thursday in Hamburg and Berlin, according to distributors Senator Film.

Lagerfeld is also trying to get the text changed in the French version of the movie.

LOS ANGELES ─ Elton John's fans were still standing well into the wee hours, waiting for autographs from the singer.

More than 1,000 fans lined up Monday night outside a Tower Records store where, just after midnight, John began signing old and new recordings, including his latest, ''Made in England.''

The store stayed open after midnight to sell the album on its Tuesday release date.

John, 47, has had dozens of hits since the early '70s, including ''Rocket Man,'' and ''I'm Still Standing.'' Two songs he wrote for ''The Lion King'' are nominated for an Oscar this year.

LONDON ─For Goldfingers only: Ian Fleming's fancy typewriter is going on sale in London.

The gold-plated typewriter has been owned by Fleming's family since his death in 1964 and will be auctioned May 5 by Christie's, which predicted it will sell for $8,000 to $12,800.

Fleming ordered the typewriter in New York in 1952 while working on ''Casino Royale,'' the first of his James Bond novels. Flemming had the gold typewriter custom constructed by Royal Typewriter Company of England for a total cost of $174.

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