Sub Pop band turns in solid rookie effort

By Joshua Dalton

Arizona Daily Wildcat


Look What the Rookie Did

Sub-Pop Records

College radio newcomers Zumpano hardly sound like rookies. The quartet, named after drummer and leader Jason Zumpano, are making waves on Top-35s at college stations across the country. Their recreated British Invasion-esque alterna-pop is fun to listen to, dance to, and sing along with.

The first song on the album, "The Party Rages On," has been compared to what might happen if the Brady Bunch met the Beatles, complete with the harmony and overabundance of cymbals.

Next comes the ballad of unrequited love, "Rosecrans Boulevard," full of references to Southern California, even though the band hails from Vancouver, British Columbia. "Well I've passed a lot of exit signs in my time driving down the long freeway through San Diego/and I made my move at Rosecrans Boulevard/You know I never loved her anyways," sings guitarist Carl Newman, the voice behind Zumpano's lyrics. The song also incorporates an abbreviated organ effect which makes it perhaps the most interesting track on the album.

Zumpano also expresses frustration with the song "Temptation Summary." It poses the questions, "Is there anyone anywhere I could feel guilty about lying to? Is there anyone anywhere I could love without trying to?" There is also a hidden instrumental track at the end of the album which, as enjoyable as it is, seems quite out of place when compared to the rest of the record.

The production on Look What the Rookie Did is edgy and quite defined. All the instruments are recognizably separate, yet still mingling in the ear of the listener.

Perfect for a rainy day drive, Look What the Rookie Did is the type of album that one can find themselves latching on to and begging for more. And, judging from the originality, musicianship and just plain listenable quality of what they have presented thus far, Zumpano are likely to be around for quite a while.

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