Tyson leaves inmates no souvenirs

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LOS ANGELES Glenn Close is marrying one of the backstage guys.

The star of ''Sunset Boulevard'' announced her engagement Wednesday to Steve Beers, a carpenter working on the Broadway musical.

''They met in early 1994, and they have not set a wedding date,'' said Catherine Olim, Close's publicist.

It's marriage No. 3 for the actress and No. 2 for Beers.

INDIANAPOLIS How much for the name patch inside Mike Tyson's prison jeans?

Nothing, since the Indiana Youth Center plans to destroy clothing tags, autographs and other items bearing his name after he is freed Saturday.

The boxer's prison number and clothing will be doled out to incoming inmates.

''We don't want to keep any souvenirs around because we don't think it's proper,'' said Phil Slavens, the prison's assistant superintendent.

Tyson is finishing up three years behind bars for rape.

PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa Queen Elizabeth II watched traditional Xhosa dancers Wednesday during the first visit of a reigning British monarch to South Africa in 48 years.

More than 20,000 people turned out to greet the queen. A Xhosa singer in peacock feathers and antelope skins escorted her into a reception in a black township, where she was entertained by dancers.

Mayor Nceba Faku noted Britain's influence on Port Elizabeth. The coastal city isn't named after a forebear of his royal guest, but after Elizabeth Donkin, an early British settler.

''Britain encouraged trade and democracy here,'' said Faku, the city's first black mayor. ''Now we are looking ... to Great Britain as an economic giant to help transform our city.''

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