Police Beat

By Kimberly Miller

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Police arrested two juveniles Wednesday night for attempted burglary after the student whose car they were trying to steal chased one of them down and detained him until police arrived.

The two 17-year-olds, both from Nogales, were attempting to steal a pickup truck from the parking lot at East Sixth Street and North Highland Avenue when the truck's owner, who had been in the Student Recreation Center, approached.

The student told police that as he got closer to his vehicle he noticed one juvenile in the driver's seat and another looking in the passenger side window. He said the juveniles started to run away after he said, "You picked a bad time to break into my truck."

The student said he then chased one of the suspects and as he apprehended him the suspect threatened him with a screwdriver. The student said he was able to grab the screwdriver and throw it but during the scuffle he thought the suspect had taken his wallet. The student made the suspect empty his pockets but he did not have the wallet.

When police arrived they found the student near his truck with the suspect pinned to the ground. They later found the second suspect nearby. The second suspect told police they were being paid by a Mexican law officer from Nogales to steal a truck. He said the officer was going to pay them $600 and "half an eight ball of cocaine" if they could get the truck to Nogales.

The suspects admitted to being members of a gang and were taken to UAPD for processing.


A student reported his $1,200 bicycle was stolen Wednesday from the racks at 1303 E. University Blvd.

The owner said he locked his Specialized Stump Jumper mountain bicycle with a U-lock to a parking block at 3 p.m. When he returned from class at 5 p.m. the bicycle was missing.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.

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