Union director candidate meets students

By Carolyn Smith

Arizona Daily Wildcat

The second candidate for the Student Union director position said he thinks students today are the McDonald's generation they want quick service and fast food.

Bruce Zimmerman, director of auxiliary services at the University of Southern Colorado, said it is unfortunate this kind of fast food service is not being offered to students and that he would work towards improving the Student Union.

"Students need to tell me what they want. There needs to be a collaborative effort for students to have a major impact in shaping the Student Union," Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman is one of four candidates competing for the position of the UA Student Union director, along with Edward Skazinik from the University of Illinois; Daniel Adams, from West Virginia University; and Sam Wheeler from Northern Arizona University. About 50 candidates applied for the job, which has been open since Bob Ernstein resigned in March 1994.

During his three-hour tour of the Student Union, he described the walls as being "void of art," and said overall, the building is not warm.

"This building needs some work ... I can take care of the cosmetic issues before the cost increases," he said.

Candidates for the position need experience with food service, privatization, renovation and remodelling, budgeting, staff management and working with students. At least seven years experience at a university's union and a master's degree in business administration or food service is preferred for the position.

Zimmerman is the second candidate to appear, and Daniel Adams will speak on Monday, March 6.

Zimmerman has been the director of auxiliary services at Southern Colorado since 1986, and served as the university programming coordinator at Southern Illinois University from 1979 to 1986.

He received a master's degree from Indiana University in student personnel administration.

During the student leaders' forum, various students expressed their concerns for keeping the building open later and expanding its services to include entertainment, a travel agency, a floral shop and possibly a bank.

"There needs to be a student advisory board," said T.J. Gilmore, national communications coordinator for the Residence Halls mid


Zimmerman said he would create a strong advisory structure comprised of students and administration, and that there would be adequate student policy-making.

"I've worked with students for 20 years. I think they make good, fair decisions," he said.

Josh Becker, vice president of clubs and organizations, said he is concerned about the input students will have, and that there needs to be an increase in students benefiting from the facility.

Zimmerman responded by saying he is a proponent of having the Student Union be more than a food court and said he thinks the hours of operation are to "cut the budget".

"I'm not interested in coming into a no-win situation. There needs to be support and enthusiasm for change, and an understanding of the mission around the campus," he said.

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