Column on the mark


I am writing to actually applaud a recent column by Jon Burstein in the March 28 issue of the Arizona Daily Wildcat ("Seize your education and stop whining"). Though I've never really paid attention to his columns in the past, I am pleased to see that there are others on this campus who believe they are getting a quality education. It is also refreshing to see that there are others who have the common sense, work ethic and determination to be a successful student at the UA. In particular, I was impressed with his admonition of many UA students: "If you act like a number, then expect to be treated like one." Mindful of the fact that this campus, like any other large, public university does have problems of all sorts, I still would submit that if more students would rediscover the lost art of taking responsibility for themselves, then many of the "problems" with UA undergraduate education would cease to exist. Great column, Jon.

Justin Carroll

Fine Arts Senior

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