A thank-you to considerate candidates


I am the president of Yavapai Residence Hall. This past Wednesday, Yavapai held its second annual ASUA candidates forum. Last year, most of the candidates left immediately after they spoke, displaying blatant disrespect for the other candidates.

Much to our delight, this year several candidates remained at the forum. Among those who stayed are Jay Won Bartlett, Jonathan Bierner, Ben Driggs, Mike Lavin, Gahl Leddel, Andrea Major, Mindy McCollum, Brad Milligan, Rhett Trujillo, David Weitzenfeld.

We realize that others may have had other speaking engagements. However, the candidates who remained and showed support for their fellow candidates should definitely be recognized. In a time when politics as a whole carries a negative connotation, these candidates have taken a step to break out of that mold.

We especially appreciate Ben Driggs, Mike Lavin, Andrea Major and David Weitzenfeld for staying after the forum to speak with concerned residents one-on-one. Thank you to all the candidates who came and good luck. Remember to vote on Tuesday and Wednesday in the general election!

Erin Russell

Yavapai President

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