Five Wildcat picks for senate positions

Last year, there were eight candidates running for eight positions and the Wildcat advocated voting for "none of them." Well, at least this election, the student body has 12 candidates to choose from, three of whom we think would do excellent jobs.

JONATHAN BIERNER, a psychology senior, represents everything which is right about ASUA. As a Senator this year, he has stayed away from the political in-fighting at ASUA and spent his time fulfilling his campaign promises. More than 60 faculty members and students were certified through his CPR training class and he has plans to expand the program. His Safe Ride program is moving steadily along. He has not been afraid to take tough stands, especially regarding the campus ROTC's policy on homosexuals. He wants to create "The Under 21 Club" to provide alternative, non-alcoholic activities for students like hiking at Sabino Canyon.

KYLE DORSEY, an accounting and finance sophomore, has no previous involvement with ASUA. But what separates him from the rest of the pack of "Let's-Get-Everyone-Involved" candidates is an air of sincerity and integrity. He seems approachable, ready to learn about student government and not afraid to ask for help if he needs it. He runs the 400 meter hurdles for the UA track team and can lend a student-athlete perspective which has been a rarity up at ASUA.

SERGIO JASSO, an English/history junior, has the best ideas out of all the Senatorial candidates. Jasso's finest proposal is publishing a list of all course-related expenses. That way students would be able to budget for the books, packets and equipment that they will need for classes in upcoming semesters. He also wants to use part of the alcohol awareness grant the university received for student programming. Apparently there is $4,000-$7,000 which could be used by ASUA. In addition, he wants to look into increasing funding at minority resource centers. Jasso is a UA delegate to the Arizona Students' Association and was the co-author of the ASPIRE scholarship proposal.

There are two other candidates who would do competent jobs and whom the Wildcat recommends.

JAY WON BARTLETT, a nursing junior, has been active in numerous campus clubs and organizations for the past three years. She is an Arizona Ambassador, philanthropy chair of Chimes Junior Honorary and a member of the Air Force ROTC. She is interested in working to improve child care at the university and wants to increase ASUA accountability to students.

MINDY McCOLLUM, a political science freshman, did not waste any time getting involved with campus activities. She is president of Preludes Freshman Honorary, an ASUA Senate aide and has been involved with a core curriculum subcommittee. She wants to emphasize peer-advising and created "Wildcat Days" which would be spirited days on the Mall. The "Wildcat Days" idea is a bit cheesy, but McCollum seems to have the energy and enthusiasm to get the job done.

The other six candidates interviewed by the Wildcat were Gilbert Davidson, Andrew Higgins, Charlie Hong, Mike Lavin, Gahl Leddel and Mark Willner. There is not much difference between these candidates. They all spoke in general terms about increasing campus involvement. Most of them also discussed increasing campus safety. None of them seemed to have done much, if any, research on the specific issues on their platforms. They seem like they are running for office because it is something to do rather than truly being passionate about an issue or a cause.

Enrique Davis did not arrange a time with the Wildcat for an endorsement interview.

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