Need to understand TAs


One of my best classes last semester was not taught by a professor. But on the flip side, I had to drop a lab because I could not understand the teacher . I mean TA. Unlike some others, I don't have a real problem being instructed by a TA. I do agree with the argument made by Mr. Woyewodzic ("Should have certification process for TAs," March 3): "Why don't they require everyone 'teaching' here to get certified to teach?"

My real concern lies with the TAs (and professors) that cannot or will not speak English in an understandable manner. I have plenty of trouble understanding the course material. I should not have to struggle through broken English and heavy accents. Teaching is the communication of thoughts and ideas, right? If you cannot communicate, you cannot effectively teach. Just a thought for those in charge of the ESL TAs.

Cory Mercurio

Electrical Engineering Freshman

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