Sex lecture proves legally provocative

The Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, Calif. As he sat in class listening to a psychology professor give ''how to'' tips on masturbation, show children's genitals and denigrate male sex organs, Craig Rogers said he wanted to vomit.

He stayed in class instead, then filed a $2.5 million sexual harassment complaint with the state of California and a separate complaint with Sacramento State University.

Rogers, 33, contends the lecture by Joanne Marrow violated a state ban on using sexually explicit pictures.

The Board of Control, which handles claims against state agencies, rejected his claim , saying the matter would be better handled in court. Rogers said he has not decided if he will sue.

His complaint with the university remains under investigation and Marrow and university officials refused to comment.

Rogers, a father of two, said he listened to the lecture ''wanting to vomit,'' but insisted he's not ''opposed to masturbation, female orgasm or anything for that matter.''

He said Marrow, a tenured professor with 20 years experience, acted improperly.

''Imagine if a homosexual man gave the same lecture, and he showed a bunch of male organs, and said a bunch of derogatory things about women and a lot of bad jokes,'' Rogers said of Marrow, who is a lesbian.

''I just felt like she was really pushing onto me her sexual philosophies, her sexual preferences,'' he added.

The lecture included slides of women's genitalia, comparing women who had gone through ''the mutilation that goes along with having a child'' to childless women, along with personal anecdotes about sex toys, Rogers said.

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