A conservative speaks out


Hail to the conservative revolution! I've been silent too long. Besides bastions of communism like UA and other red campuses across the country, liberalism is as dead as Slick Willie's political career.

At God's urging, Republicans like Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole and Phil Gramm are saving this nation from the muck and mire of immorality and cultural deteriation that liberalism has caused in this country. This is the greatest nation in the world and its about time we get an iron grip on such problems as unbridled immigration from third-world countries and the slew of side effects that has created. And for all of you candy-assed liberals, Democrats, anti-gun freaks and similar malcontents, I only have one piece of advice to straighten you out. Tune into AM790 and let my man G. Gordon Liddy save you from the limp left-handed grip of liberalism. Long live the G-Man.

M. Johnnie Walker

Finance Senior

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