How UA can prevent possible fraud lawsuit


After watching last Sunday's "60 Minutes" report on undergraduate education at the University of Arizona, one has to wonder whether freshmen on this campus are the victims of consumer fraud.

A prospective student of the University of Arizona, while reading the General Catalog, may be led to believe that courses he/she will attend at this institution are taught by instructors of high academic rank. The reality, as most of us here know, is that the majority of freshmen courses are taught by graduate teaching assistants. Leslie Stahl of "60 Minutes" implied that this may be a case of false advertisement and therefore consumer fraud.

In light of these serious accustions against the University of Arizona I would like to make two suggestions: 1. update the General Catalog and state that freshmen courses will not be taught by professors but by graduate teaching assistants. 2. Make course evaluations publicly available. If implemented, these two measures should protect the university from any possible future consumer fraud litigation.

Fredrick Weldon

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