Get ready for new punk on the block


When I first came to this university I figured that there would be many different people. I saw immediately that the majority of the school was white and looked and dressed the same. After a while I started to become one of the crowd. I began to lose my identity. I decided to do something different because everyone around here doesn't have the guts to do anything different. I got a mohawk. I am probably the only person out of 40,000 people who attend the diversified university with a mohawk. I wish more people would stop following like sheep and establish their own identities. Many people that I met change themselves and morals just to fit in. This destroys a society. I would be grateful if you could print my article so people on campus can be aware of the brainwashing and pure pressure that can cause you to sacrifice your morals.

I went on a hunger strike for four days. The hunger strike was dedicated to Martin Luther King. The fast started the first day of class and ended promptly at three o'clock on Sunday. Each day of the fast represented a political statement that I had. The first day of the demonstration was against the yuppies, jocks and the materialistic society. These groups destroy the futures for the preceding generations. They take all of the money from the poor and the middle class and buy selfish material goods. Once they are done with their toys, they just throw them away. Jocks are worshipped and taken as role models throughout the university and the United States. We should start striving as a society to achieve goals of Dr. King and not O.J. Simpson or Joe Montana. What good do these jocks brings to our society?

The next day was for God and his help to quell the people who are destroying his gifts. Afterwards I fasted for world peace and finally, for Dr. King.

The New Punk on the Block,

Michael Jacobs

Music Education Junior

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