Students must shed apathy


I am writing with deep concern about students and young people everywhere. The "powers that be" are making decisions for our future, and we must voice our concerns if we want them to be taken into consideration. There are so many questions about the world that are left unanswered and unclear, and this is done for a reason. The decision makers are polluting our water, poisioning our air and developing our lands at such a rapid rate, without public involvement it will not be there for our children.

Working with and talking to my peers I've come to the conclusion that apathy is at the root of our problem. Information is out there for any one person or group of people to utilize. We, as a generation, can change the ways hundreds of people view any given issue by learning the facts and presenting them in a passionate way. But why is this not happening? Do we feel that it just doesn't matter, and that individuals cannot impact the very system that speaks for corporate gain and industrial pollution?

We, as students of the world, have an obligation to the children of tomorrow. I pray for a healthy planet, but I realize without public participation, the leaders of our country are not hearing my prayers.

Pro-activism must start on a grass-roots level with strong ideals and morals to build from. We are the leaders of tomorrow and setting the wheels in motion must start today. Tell your elected officials how you feel, write letters, attend meetings, vote on these decisions that impact our lives, become involved.

It seems like such a hard concept to grasp or even the idea of change seems so vague, but it comes from within, from your heart, developing your mind, focusing, then and only then the change will be created.

Thank you,

Sean Burlew

Arizona League of Conservation Voters

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