Who are the real reactionaries?


Now that the dust has settled over the Federal Building in Oklahoma City and people's emotions have somewhat calmed down, we believe it is time to reflect on the initial reactions of the media and the public to this tragedy.

Everyone's first opinion was that the perpetrators were Muslims. Every TV newscast, every newspaper and every individual on campus and in the U.S. was ready to believe with no doubt that Muslims were responsible. The result of this unsubstantiated, unverified accusation was painful to the Muslim community. Mosques around the U.S. were sent bomb threats, individuals were harassed, and, in one case, beaten.

How ironic and hypocritical of these Americans to call Muslims "revengeful," "fanatical," and "reactionary." Americans themselves demonstrated these very negative characteristics. Operating without even any knowledge of the facts, they showed that they think with their emotions, not their brains!

Now that the facts that Americans themselves are responsible for this atrocity, no oneÄ not in the media or individualsÄ has offered any apology to the Muslim community or expressed regret for the pain and suffering they caused the Muslims. No one has been brave enough or man enough to admit that they were wrong and that they are the criminalsÄ not the Muslims. It is very wrong to stereotype peopleÄ of any sortÄ just for the mistakes of a few who share the same heritage or religion.

Still, not content that the facts are out, some evil, black-hearted people are insisting that Muslims must sonehow be connected to this bombing, even if it doesn't make sense! How long does it take for prejudice and hatred to die?

Just remember not to prejudge people so you don't look as pathetic as you do now!

I.A. Al-Hadlaq

C. Varbero

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