Student's family pressed to cover recent tuition increase


Not only should Linda Wilson ("Thoughts on recent tuition increase," May 1) be relieved, but she should consider herself very lucky to pay an increase in tuition of only $56 for next year. I'll try to feel sympathy for your minute increase while my family struggles to come up with another $478 for me to go to school

Maybe your family will have to give up going out to McDonald's once or twice next year, but my family will have to figure out in which month to give up hot water or maybe electricity.

As for your state having a high cost of living, try living in California, which has the highest cost of living. I'm sorry I don't pay state income tax in Arizona, but I'm sure that the more than $30,000 I will pay in tuition for the five years it will take me to graduate more than makes up for any taxes you've been "short-changed" on.

Considering that over half the student body shares this cost, you should not only quit crying about $56 per year, but stop calling us "carpet-baggers" and start thanking us for keeping your tuition down.


Todd Jensen

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