To The Editor:

Adam Hartmann's recent tirade against "family-sensitive viewing" (June 28) deserves some comment.

Mr. Hartmann rants and raves about Channel 9's decision to spare us the centerfold, as it were, and provide us with the narrative instead when reporting brutal acts of violence against another human being.

While Channel 9's motivation for this move might be a purely financial one, to draw a wider audience, the idea is not without merit.

I would suggest, however, that children are not the only human beings who are negatively affected by the seemingly constant media barrage of violence through news, television and movies.

Any human being who "wants to see it," "it" being the violence hartmann supports the viewing of, only joins in the damaging process of dehumanization themselves.

My kids are only 5 and 7 years old, and already we've discussed street-corner abductions, child abuse, drug overdoses, alcohol, drive-by schoolyard shootings, sexual abuse by teachers, date rape, war and the list goes on.

Did Hartmann's parents need to do the same with him? I find it tragic that my children and I need to focus so much energy on these negative factors, on sometimes a daily basis, just so they can make educated choices and be safe in their world.

I welcome the "silly" respites from "reality" that Mr. Hartmann prescribes lobotomization for. Perhaps his unfortunate viewpoint is merely a reflection of his youthful naivete, or sadly, a product of his growing up in an age of violence that makes him unfamiliar with any other kind of environment.

It is his last comment that is most disturbing, however; he would rather his children watch violence on TV than have them play with a child who would choose not to do so.

Now, that type of mindless homogeneity, Mr. Hartmann, is certainly a "one-way ticket to Lobotomy Land."

Trishia Campie

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