By K.C. Conner

Arizona Summer Wildcat

Only owners of cars with powerful air conditioning or die-hard visual art fans should venture to the 6800 block of North Oracle Road in Tucson's July heat, but Davis Gallery's "Tucson Collection '94" is well worth the trip.

Unfortunately, this reporter is without vehicle A/C.

Michael Dominguez, co-owner of the gallery (Candice Davis is also co-owner) greeted this weary, sweat-drenched reporter enthusiastically upon entering the gallery. The only thing missing was free lemonade.

Dominguez mentioned that all of the many artists represented in this group invitational usually work in large format, but for this exhibition, it was suggested that they limit their work to a twelve-inch by twelve-inch surface for paintings (the majority of the art works on display were paintings) and no more than eighteen inches in height for three-dimensional work, said Davis.

The artists rose to this challenge.

Of the three-dimensional work, Katherine Josten's oil-on-wood compostion, "Here/Now," is striking. This work consists of two like-sized black tablets inscribed with white cursive lettering spelling out "Here" on one tablet, and "Now" on the other. The work has a personal, autobiographical and attractively tangible feel to it.

Also particularly interesting was Moira Geoffrion's "Inner Openings," a polychromed bronze and photo collage sculpture. This particularly inviting work gives one the sensation of coziness, of wanting to go inside the piece even though it is only eighteen inches high.

The sculpture is an organic-looking little nook, composed of branch-like shoots and mud-like walls in dark brown and blue hues.

The show's paintings are also noteworthy. Especially fine are Bruce McGrew and George Harkins' bold Southern Arizona landscapes depicting shaded creeks, red rock bluffs and huge skies.

McGrew's watercolors are beautifully abstract, yet readable. They are like a secret that is fun to decode.

The artists in the show a total of 33 individuals, several of whom are UA fine arts faculty showed one piece of art each.

It is a shame for most campus-area dwellers that the Davis Gallery is such a long haul away. If this show were part of the bi-monthly Downtown Saturday Night shindig, it would be a sensation.

Davis Gallery is located at 6812 N. Oracle Road in the Casa Adobes Office Park (297-1427). The gallery's current show continues through July 16. Davis Gallery will be closed from July 17 to Aug. 1, then the second group of artists in "Tucson Collection '94" will open their show on Aug. 2. Read Next Article