By Noah Lopez

Arizona Summer Wildcat

Tonight, the Downtown Performance Center opens its doors for two of the most talented and interesting bands to shoot out of the hailed Chapel Hill, N.C., music center.

Superchunk brings its anthemic pop-punk sound back to Tucson following its show last year.

However, Superchunk's labelmates Polvo definitely have the guitar firepower to steal the show tonight. The Summer Wildcat spoke with Polvo guitarist Dave Brylawski last week from Dave's mom's house about their new EP, Celebrate the New Dark Age, and other worldly topics.

Wildcat: How did the band first come together?

Dave Brylawski: I had been friends with one of the guys since the fourth grade, (and) the rest of the band for the past six or seven years. We just hung out a lot and decided to form a band.

Wildcat: What was it like working in the midst of the Chapel Hill media blitz last year?

Dave: Well, it has died down now, bands can concentrate on their music now rather than whether their picture will be in Details magazine.

Wildcat: How do the audiences respond to your sound?

Dave: Usually with puzzlement and perplexity. It depends on how in tune we are.

Wildcat: What are the band's goals? Where do you want to take the band?

Dave: Basically, we're happy with the way things are. We're kind of like alcoholics, we like to do things one step at a time. If we want to put a record out, we'll put a record out. If we want to tour the country, we'll tour the country. If we want to tour Europe, we'll tour Europe.

Wildcat: What was the creative process like behind the new EP, Celebrate the New Dark Age?

Dave: Well, it has a certain sameness to it because all the songs were written at the same time. It came out good, it's a nice medium. I guess you can't be too objective about your own music, though.

Wildcat: How would you describe the Eastern influences on your music?

Dave: I listen to a lot of Near and Far Eastern music, just because I get tired of listening to indie rock.

Wildcat: How many places are you playing on this tour?

Dave: We're only playing twenty shows. We start in Albuquerque, skipping the lower half of the U.S., going through California, then coming back through the Midwest back home.

Superchunk and Polvo will play tonight at the Downtown Performance Center. The all-ages show begins at 8:00 with Tucson's premier "all-boy riot grrrl" band Weird Lovemakers formerly Irving opening the show. Tickets are $5. Read Next Article