'Judge Dredd' is no lazy man's comic


I am appalled at the level of skill which the movie review section of the Wildcat has fallen. I shall cite three instances of this occurence. First, a lack of knowledge of a topic is clearly in Ms. Hirsch's review of "Judge Dredd."

As I have read the comic book in its original format until it was recently acquired by DC Comics, I know the plot line quite well and find Ms. Hirsch's knowledge of the work quite limited.

Next, I take great offense at her reference of "Judge Dredd" as being a "lazy man's" comic book. Finally, I take greater insult at the fact that she compares the medium of film to that of a comic book and caps it all off by saying that a comic book "looks great but doesn't say much."

It has been an unfortunate trend of Hollywood to take a good comic book and convert it into a bad movie or to change the substance of the work. "The Punisher", "Captain America", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "The Shadow", and "The X-Men" have all fallen to this trend of good characters and storylines falling victim to one shot movies. If one truly reads and samples the genre that is American comic books one will find a world so diverse that it is incredible. From "The X-Men" to "Grendel: War Child" to "Rai" to "Spawn" to "Lobo" the field of comic books is filled with not only incredible art work by such men as Jim Lee to incredible authors from John Gardner to Jack "the King" Kirby.

Before one starts to throw around generalizations about a field one should thoroughly check out that field. By the way, check out TMNT #1 in black and white to see what I am talking about.

Lee Monson

Political Science and History


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