Police Beat

By Maria S. Ramirez

Arizona Summer Wildcat

Thursday, July 6

University of Arizona Police Department discovered a 2-inch hole cut out on the wall of a stall of the men's restroom on the fourth floor of the Main Library.

A UA employee reported to police that two men had complained about indecent behavior in the bathroom. One man reported to the employee that a man had urinated on him. He did not want to wait for police.

The same day, another man called the library to say that another man was looking at him through a hole in the stall. Police found the hole and called Facilities Management to repair the damage.


UAPD responded to a disorderly conduct call at 12:40 a.m. at the Apache/Santa Cruz Hall. Max Merideth Horner, 25, of the 1400 block of East Fifth Street, was arrested after another student complained about drinking and loud voices in the courtyard of the residence hall.

The student told police he asked the group to stop drinking in the courtyard because it was a public area. Horner began arguing with the student, who recognized him, and dumped out a cup of beer. Although the group left before police arrived, the student wanted to press charges for disorderly conduct.

Police later found Horner in another room of the hall. He told police he left the area and did not think the incident was a "big deal." He was cited and released.

Friday, July 7

A UA employee reported the theft of an Apple Macintosh computer system from an Anthropology computer lab between 11:15 p.m. July 6 and 6:45 a.m. July 7.

The employee told police that someone entered through the door vent and stole an Apple color monitor, its Macintosh hard drive and CD-ROM from the office.

Another employee, who was called to confirm the information, told police that much better computer components in the room were left untouched and that there was better computer equipment in other parts of the building.

Estimated loss was not available because employees were not sure how old the computers were and when they had been purchased.

Police are continuing the investigation.


Police responded to a burglary call at 3 a.m. at the Harshbarger Building. When police arrived, they found two custodial employees who told police that there was something suspicious in one of the rooms.

Police entered room 120 and found it had been rummaged through and petty cash was missing. In an adjoining room, police found a CPU computer had been disassembled and that items in the room had been disturbed.

A witness gave police a partial description of a woman leaving the building that same night.

The case continues to be under investigation.


A UA employee reported that a male inquiring about high heels and polished toenails phoned the Mexican Studies Department.

The employee told police that a man called the department and spoke to two juveniles who answered the phone. He told them that his wife and his girlfriend had been in the building and had seen a woman wearing high heels and had polished toenails. He said they were interested in finding out the color of the nail polish and where the shoes where purchased.

He then asked the girl what kind of shoes she was wearing. She responded and he asked for another juvenile in the department by name and was transferred to her. Again, the male caller asked the girl if she had seen a woman in the building with high heel shoes and polished toe nails. He inquired about her shoes and she told him she was wearing sandals and that her toe nails were polished. He told her he was less than two minutes away and wanted to come by and see them.

The girl's supervisor overheard the conversation and told her to stop talking to the caller. She then put the caller on hold and her supervisor picked up the phone. The caller immediately hung up.

Neither victims wished to prosecute. A request for a skip trace was placed to put a trace on the call.

July 8, Saturday

A UA employee reported to police that he found a waxy piece of paper folded in a "snow seal" manner containing white powder.

The employee told police he found the paper, possibly containing cocaine, on the second floor of the Pharmacy building. He said he had not seen or known of any students in the area who used drugs.

The substance was taken as police evidence to be destroyed.

July 9, Sunday

Police arrested a 35-year-old man for driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license and five other moving violations after he was released from Kino Hospital.

Gary A. Pittman, of the 1600 block of North McKinley Avenue, was arrested after police noticed his truck traveling at a high speed on Sixth Street, approaching Highland Avenue. Police paced the truck at 75 mph in a 30 mph zone after they saw the truck pass two cars, causing them to suddenly stop.

Police activated their emergency lights to stop the truck. The truck continued for two more lights before stopping. When police approached the truck, Pittman had both hands and his head hanging out of the window. When police asked him to step out of the truck, he held onto the door for support.

Police proceeded to pat him down when Pittman yelled, "Wait a minute ִ you're violating my rights." He then told police he had been stung by 100 bees and insisted on medical attention. While waiting for the paramedics, police asked Pittman to take a sobriety test, which he refused. Again he responded to police that they had violated his rights and all he was going to do was "wait for his ambulance."

Medics responded and transported him to Kino Hospital. Medics later told police that Pittman had said UAPD had pulled him from his truck, hit him in the face and pulled their guns on him.

The doctor on call said the suspect had maybe two bee stings and had no allergic reaction to the stings.

Pittman was read his rights and transported to Pima County Jail where he was booked for a pre-trial hearing.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.

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