Fraternity moving to new home

By Carolyn Smith

Arizona Summer Wildcat

For eight years members and alumni of the Kappa Sigma fraternity have been talking about moving on campus and into a place they can call home.

On August 19th, 40 members of the fraternity and one resident advisor will be moving into the new house at 1423 E. 1st Street.

"It has taken eight years to go through the bureaucracy of the UA to start building the house," advisor George Jenson said.

The fraternity's current house on 326 N. Park Avenue will continue to be occupied by members through the fall semester, with old members receiving priority to move into the new house.

"We're the oldest fraternity and we're finally getting a house on campus ... we're really looking forward to the move," said chapter President Ryan Anderson, a political science junior.

Jenson will be the resident advisor in the new house for at least one year. He has been the Kappa Sigma advisor for four years.

The fraternity received donations from alumni and parents totaling $850,000.

"The chapter was founded in 1915 and we have donations coming from members who were the first pledges," said Jenson.

The building will be dedicated to A.L. Slonaker, who was dean of students as well as being locally and nationally involved in the Kappa Sigma fraternity, and to Link Wilson, who was initiated in 1951 and was an active member, said Jenson.

"It's a great location because it's central to everything, and we'll have great neighbors," said Jenson.

The new house will accomodate half of the fraternity's members with two men to every bedroom sharing a bathroom. The house will also have a large living room with a fireplace, a dining room, entryway, library, an alumni room, conference room, a weight-training and fitness room, as well as a covered back patio, upper deck and basketball court.

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