Labor leaders, NBA execs propose $24 million pay cap

NEW YORK (AP) The framework of a new NBA labor deal emerged Tuesday, but a potential agreement could be undercut by high-powered agents seeking to decertify the union.

The league and the union have agreed to the basics of a new collective bargaining agreement, according to a source familiar with the talks who asked not to be identified.

NBA deputy commissioner Russell Granik met all day Tuesday with union executive director Simon Gourdine and president Buck Williams.

The players association expected to have an offer to present to player representatives Wednesday, with a vote taken Friday.

''While we believe we are getting closer, we still have some very important issues to resolve,'' Williams said Tuesday night.

However, the agreement could be scuttled by strife within the union. On Tuesday, players continued to sign notices saying they no longer wish to be represented by the National Basketball Players Association.

If the union were decertified, any labor agreement it negotiated would be nullified, antitrust rules would no longer be in place and players would be able to take legal action against the league.

Under the proposed six-year deal, players would receive a greater share of revenues approximately 57 percent, up from the 53 percent they currently receive. Included in the sources of revenues would be money generated by luxury skyboxes, club seats and international television.

The agreement would feature a rookie salary cap and limit rookie contracts to three years, after which a player would become an unrestricted free agent, the source said.

The college draft would remain at two rounds for the first three years of the agreement but would be cut to one for the final three years.

The salary cap, which would rise from $15 million to around $24 million, would be tightened by a luxury tax, triggered if the share of league revenues devoted to salaries exceeds 63 percent.

Individual contracts signed for raises in excess of 10 percent would be subject to the tax.

Clubs will still be allowed to re-sign their own free agents without regard to salary cap limitations.

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