O'Grady did not ask for status


This letter is in response to Denise Frank's editorial "Americans have strange ways of choosing heroes" (Wildcat, June 14) which discussed the recent homecoming and hero's welcome of Captain Scott O'Grady of the United States Air Force. In the editorial, the writer says that Captain O'Grady is not the true hero but rather that the Marines that went in are the heroes and that O'Grady doesn't deserve this type of welcome. Not only is this an insult to Captain O'Grady but it clearly shows the ignorance of the writer and her lack of respect for the armed forces in this country.

Captain O'Grady did not once ask for the welcome that he received nor the notoriety that he has gotten. He repeatedly has stated that the Marines were indeed the true heroes as they risked their lives to extract him from behind enemy lines. Regardless of Captain O'Grady's modesty, the fact of the matter is that he is a hero. Every member of the United States Armed Forces are heroes as they are training and are prepared to defend the freedom we hold so dear at a moment's notice. Captain O'Grady was flying under the auspices of NATO, but he still represents and stands for everything that we in the United States believe in. His courage and dedication to the United States makes him a hero.

It doesn't make sense to belittle Captain O'Grady's accomplishment in surviving the six days that he did. Whether or not you think he deserves a hero's welcome is irrelevant. This man risked and will continue to risk his life to protect the interests of America and the rest of the free world. If you don't like that and don't think he should be treated as someone who deserves a little extra attention, there are still one or two countries throughout the world that would love to have you. Although, you probably wouldn't be able to write columns like you do here in the United States.

Dan Miller


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