Police Beat

By Maria S. Ramirez

Arizona Summer Wildcat

Monday, June 19

A University of Arizona student reported the theft of his Arizona license plate from his Nissan Sentra.

The student told police the plate was replaced with another one, which he noticed sometime last week. He did not immediately call police.

A registration check of the license plate revealed it had belonged to another Nissan Sentra reported stolen on June 15 to Tucson Police Department and fitting a similar description to the victim's car.

Police have no suspects.

Tuesday, June 20

A UA employee reported that she had been sexually abused on June 19 at about 6 p.m. while sitting in her car.

The victim told police she had just left her office near the library and was sitting in her car preparing to leave when she saw a white sports car pull up next to her car. A man got out of his car, greeted her and told her his name. The victim responded, thinking it might be a student she knew.

They carried on a short conversation and the suspect asked for her phone number. The victim agreed and wrote the number on a piece of paper. When the suspect approached her to get the paper, he pulled down the straps of her dress and grabbed her left breast before she could respond. He then got into his car and drove away.

She memorized the license plate number and gave police a description of the suspect. She did not report the incident to police until the next day because she did not want to make a big deal out of it.

Police traced the license plate to a man matching the name given to the victim. When UAPD called, they were told the person did not live there.

The case is pending.

Wednesday, June 21

UAPD responded to a burglary at the Social Science Building, 1145 E. South Campus Drive sometime past midnight. A UA employee reported damage to several vents, possibly used to gain access into the building.

After police secured the building, they found at least 11 rooms unlocked or forced open. Police also found computer cases disassembled and parts missing.

Police are not certain that there is any connection with a burlary reported on June 19 in the Economics Building.

Police have no suspects and the case is pending.


A UA student reported that he had found two notes on his bike between June 14 and June 21 sexually propositioning him. There were no indications that the notes were written by either a man or a woman, but police noted that the handwriting appeared to be a man's.

The victim told police he is not scared of the individual because the notes were not threatening, but would like to know who it is to avoid any contact with the person in the future. The notes were taken as evidence.

Police have no suspects and the case is pending.

Thursday, June 22

A UA employee reported the theft of her wallet from her desk in the Extended University Building. The victim told police that she had used her wallet several times throughout the day and last saw it when she put it in her desk at 2:45 p.m.

She said she was cautious because two other wallets had been stolen within the last two weeks. The wallet was worth $30 and contained about $28 in cash, along with credit cards and identification.

Friday, June 23

Police arrested a UA student for minor in possession/consumption of liquor and possession of a fictitious driver's license.

Nicholas Patrick Mancini, 18, of Phoenix was arrested and released after police found three driver's licenses in his wallet.

Mancini told police he bought them for $50 from a man who lived in Phoenix. He told police he used the identification to buy liquor about three times a month.

Saturday, June 24

A UA student reported to police the theft of his wallet from his backpack that was left unattended on the Mall in front of the Student Union June 23.

The student said he used the wallet several times during the day. He left his backpack unattended to get a napkin from the Student Union, which was the only time he could recall someone having access to the wallet.

The wallet contained identification, credit cards and $460 in cash. The money was from a check he had cashed earlier that day.

Police have no suspects.


A student reported the theft of his white and blue Specialized "Rock Hopper Comp" mountain bike between 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. from the rack located at 1303 E. University Ave.

He told police the bike was secured with a one-and-a-half inch chain and a padlock. The lock was also stolen. The value of the bicycle was estimated at $500.

Police have no suspects.

Sunday, June 25

A UA student reported the theft of a Premier Player AM/FM car stereo, three compact discs and two 10-inch speakers, from his truck sometime between 12:30 a.m. to 8 a.m. The driver's window was also smashed.

The student discovered that the items were missing the next morning. The items were valued at $590.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.

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