Far-flung offices flock to new space

By Cheryl Fogle

Arizona Summer Wildcat

A new building has popped up near campus.

The five story office building at the corner of Second Street and Euclid Avenue, called the Main Gate project, will contain about 87,000 square feet of usable space and will house 17 displaced departments ranging from the Extended University to Parking and Transportation.

The departments will move from spaces leased off-campus and the money saved from their leases will pay the building's annual $700,000 mortgage.

Larry Barton, senior program coordinator at Parking and Transportation, said he is happy about moving to the new building because the location is close to the newly built parking garage and has shuttle access. "The space will be comparable or smaller than our current office," he added.

Bob Preble, assistant director of space management, has been overseeing the project and acting as a liaison between the departments and architects of the project. "I had an average of six meetings with each department and most of them were very cooperative," he said.

Preble will meet with a transition team including Barton and representatives from other departments to coordinate moving times.

The project should be complete by the first part of fall semester.

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